Captured Joy

I have had many friends come and go through out my lifetime. I'm not super close to any that I had as a child or even through high school. Sometimes I envy those who have managed to hold on to those lifetime friendships. Very impressive and what wonderful stories to have! I'm not the best kind of friend... I get too busy and distracted. Not on purpose and it's not out of malice!! It's just the part of my personality that seems to think it always needs to be going somewhere and doing something.
Unfortunately, that means several friendships that I've had have diminished because of my "flightyness". Some of that flight is the fear of getting too close. I'm not good with intimacy even though I'm more than willing to share my life story and not hold anything back. I'm afraid sometimes to allow people all the way in and let them stay there. They might get too comfy!!!!

There is good news though. I do have a few friends that have let me be flighty but have not let me go. When they see me doing my "gotta keep moving!!" phase, they step back a bit and let me get it out of my system. Then, they come back, hug me, slap me, laugh with me.. whatever I need at the time!! They hold me accountable, are up front with me, tell me exactly how they are feeling, no game playing, they listen to me and I listen to them... these are the friendships I've been looking for, for a long time. One's where these girls will celebrate with me even in times that they don't purely understand (such as something SCRAPPY related!) and they will cry with me even when they can't completely relate. Because of that genuine friendship, I do the same for them. I'm more willing to open up. Let them crack me open and get comfy with me. And I love them for it.

These are just two of the four ladies I count as the bestest of the bestest of my friends:

This layout was made using the current July Courage kit from SFTIO. I love this layout. It was a moment of joy for the three of us as we watched our other bestie get married. And I was also inspired by the 7 Gypsies sticker strip that says "for a long time, she flew when she thought noone else was watching."  I still get a little teary eyed and a lump in my throat when I read that sentence.  It's so me.  And the great thing is that I flew thinking noone was watching but these gals were and they silently cheered me on.  These friends helped me have the courage to step out of my comfort zone, they affirmed me in that bravery and motivated me forward into what, I am feeling even more strongly, called to do with my life!  I love them so much!!

Feeling courageous?  Come on over to Scrapbooking from the Inside Out and be brave with your scrapping this month!  It's a beautiful kit and we have some great challenges going on!