Do you see him??

Well?? Do you???  Yep that's the fabulous Tim Holtz smiling it up for all the ladies!  What a charmer, eh?

I arrived in Chicago 11:30 p.m. (Illinois time) last night and basically hit the ground running.  While sitting at Seatac for three hours worried I wasn't going to get on a flight, the nice ticket counter agent called out "stand by passenger elsner??"  I almost ran up, preparing myself for the worse.  She said, "all we have is a middle seat..."  I interrupted her and said "YES!"  It turned out perfect because it was a mom and her son and she gave me the aisle seat so she could sit next to him.  I like the aisle seat.  I just like it that I got on the plane!!!

The journey began smooth and then we had about 30 minutes of super bumpy turbulence.  Scared the pee out of me but here I am!  With all these fabulous ScrapStreet girls.

It's my first time ever at a CHA and let me just tell you.......  holy freakin smokes man!!!  It is the most wonderful experience ever.  Seeing all these people I've only seen in "still life", are suddenly moving and talking and smiling.  The first today we walked the floor.  Took it all in.  Did a fun make and take with Heidi Swapp at the Tattered Angels booth, chatted with Stephanie from Bella Blvd, laughed it up with Jenni Bowlin, and saw Suzy and Carrie and Norma and on and on and on.  Phew!  Tomorrow we go back.  Take it all in a little more.  Make a few more make and takes.  Do some networking.   I took lots of photos of projects but thought I would share my favorite photo from today.  Are you ready?


Until tomorrow!!!