I have demons

When I say, "I have demons" I'm talking about those things that seem to take over my life.  Sometimes they drive me and sometimes they hinder me.  The word "demons" has such a negative connotation to me so all I can think about are those things that invade my mind... the things that I don't want to believe or think about... the things that I know I should ignore or know that I can overcome them. 

The current challenge at All About Me is to put into a layout, your demons.  Get it out.  Journal about it.  Share!  I went digital with my layout.  I've been doing so much paper and gluing lately - which I totally love - that I felt a digi layout was in order.  I wanted lots of negative space to show.  Stark. White. Just me and my demons... face to face... like a good ole fashioned western showdown.  Of course, I'm the one who drew my gun quicker.

Digital Supplies:  Paper: The Design Girl (Scrap Matters), Cardstock: Urban Kiwi (Shabby Princess), Fonts: CaslonAntT, CK Rough Housing, unknown, Tools: Photoshop Elements

Do come join us!  It's a tough one but I think you will find it very therapeutic to get it out creatively!