Party in the bathroom

At CHA I have met so many wonderful people here and have connected with some new, amazing friends but let me tell you my most favorite group in the whole wide world.  Terry, Dora, Janice, Heather, Brianne (even though she tags photos with scary birds with my name on Facebook), Diana and Stacey... such awesome gals to not only work with but laugh with and be giggly over all the latest scrapbooking stuff out there!

I love my gig at ScrapStreet and I'm so, so, so thrilled to now have these fabulous, talented and sweet women in my life.  Yeah.... it's sappy.  I don't care.  It's how I feel and I've had four cups of "special punch".

And I love all of you!  More CHA photos to come when I am in a right state of mind.  I promise. ;)