Fifteen years ago

If you met me fifteen years ago you would not know that person at all. To compare who I am today with the me back then... as most of us could probably attest, I am completely different! For me, the journey has been a difficult yet therapeutic one. As a child I went through some major stuff, resulting in a troubled childhood and adolescent life. It wasn't as bad as it could have been and I attribute that to the fact, God had His hand on me the whole time! Even though I wanted to be a rebel or thought about doing certain things... there was this underlying conviction that I couldn't explain back then. Now I know it was the Lord being LOUD in my head and today I can look back and be so ever thankful!

Fifteen years ago I laughed but it wasn't natural. It was usually forced and I was usually laughing AT someone. I wasn't nice. I was not a good friend and I hated myself. I wanted people to like me and I thought that they didn't. Because I thought that, people who would have really wanted to like me ended up leaving me! I would have left me too!!!

Fast forward to today...

After several years of getting the help I needed... after several years of finally letting go and facing the issues that have affected my life for so long... after understanding what unconditional love means... after learning how to have true community and be a real friend...  I can laugh at myself and not be afraid to be who God created me to be. 

What is that?  A complete dork.  A creative dork... thankyouverymuch!

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