Friend 4 Life

Good Thurday morning!

My to-do list for today:

1.  Wake up quite begrudgingly.  I don't wanna get up!
2.  Make iced mocha to help the sleepies go away.  It always works!
3.  Blog.  Yep.  Priorities folks.
4.  Head to work.  I do love my job!
5.  HAIRCUT!  Oh my gosh I am in such need of a haircut in a really bad way!  My mom was so sweet to get me a gift certificate (think she was trying to give a hint?) to my stylist.  I'm really looking forward to having a scalp massage and getting a new do.  You can be sure there will be photos.
6.  Rest.  No scrapping.  Maybe some mag work. But I'm just going to chill.  I might even prop myself in bed with my lap table and laptop.  And a glass of wine.
7.  Remember to thank the Lord for my amazing friends!

Like this lady loo!  This months kit at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out is all about Discovery.  I googled Discovery to see what other words came up.  The words learn, encounter, explore, authenticate, feeling, hearing, discernment, determination came up.  All these words grabbed me right away as I was trying to decide what photos in my stash to scrap.  I love documenting my memories this way!  Using the emotion prompts from SFTIO makes the pages about ME but still incorporating my memories and other events of life.  Just like scrapbooking should! Enter my dear friend Holly and this page.  She is a friend for life!  You'll probably see her a lot in my pages because she means that much to me!  What do I love the most about her?  Her zest and joy for life.  Her ability to laugh and laugh often.  I've learned a lot about myself and have been challenged quite frequently in how I do life and to be a better person.  Isn't that what friendship should be? 

Do you have a close friend?  What do you love most about your bestie?  Even if they aren't a "bestie" do you have that one person who just makes you want to be a better person? 

Have a great Thursday!