Sunday, August 29, 2010

I got a Giveaway for YOU!

Or maybe TWO!  So I've been hanging onto a couple of items I received at CHA for the perfect moment.  I think it's now!  Would you like to see the first one?

Oh.. ooops.  No I'm sorry.  He's not the giveaway.  That silly picture just keeps appearing at the silliest of moments.  Or are they really that silly???  Because this little giveaway has everything to do with Mr. Holtz.

I was burdened with this lovely item...

But I have a problem.  I don't have the proper machine to use nor do I have it in my budget to get one in the near future.  Oh what is a blogging scrapbooker to do???  Give it away of course!!!!  And it's even signed by Tim too!  How nice huh??

So what do you need to do to try and win this goodness?

Oh!  Before I get to that... I've got another something to give away!  While at CHA I got to chat with the lovely Allison Davis.  Many of you may know about her fabulous sketches!  I love them!  They are a two-paged scrapbook challenged gals (like myself) best friend!  What I love the most is she has included measurements and details of every item on the page!  How cool is that?  So whether you are a beginner or consider yourself a pro... the sketches are wonderful!  I've got in my hot little hands Sketches for Scrapbooking Volume 6!  Woop! 


Now onto the nitty gritty!  If you would like to, potentially, be the winner of one of these super cool items here is what I would like to do:

  1. Tell me your favorite new CHA release and leave me the link using inlinkz below.  I've got to take a look myself! :) 
  2. Tell me which one you'd like to be considered for!  I know not everyone has an embossing machine but some might really like that sketch book!  Want to make sure you get a prize you'll actually use! 
  3. That's it!  
Easy peasey huh?  I'm not a "follower junky" but you can do that if you want to.  It does kind of make me blush and do the bashful.. what? You'd follow lil ole me???  

Have at it all!  Can't wait to see your new faves!



Chocolate Mousie said...

Gads, this one was soooo easy! Tim Holtz's new line of Christmas/Holiday papers and I saw them on his web site! I so love his papers.

cha-summer 2010 sneak peek #4 (idea-ology)...

I love sketch books, so I'd have to say if I won, I'd go for that, but you can't go wrong with texture plates either. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

And yes, I'll follow you, even though you're in my blogs links to follow already. :)

humel said...

I just hypervenitlated at the mere thought of possibly winning T!m....! When I've calmed down I'll share my link with you xx

humel said...

And *breathe*.... And *breathe*.... OK, so no surprises that it's a Tim Holtz product I love - these Configurations are just super amazingly lovely even before Tim applies his magic :-)

Thanks for the chance to win - such lovely and generous prizes! I'd be so happy to be lucky enough to win either, but the Texture Fades edge it because of the autograph. Thank you! xx

Jennybean said...

My favorite new line is Echo Park Life is Good...

I would love the book of sketches.. don't have an embossing machine (yet)...

K said...

Another Tim fan here, I love the new Halloween embossing folders.
( go to to see the rest of them)

I would love to win the sketches book, if I had to pick pnly one then that would be it, but if I'm allowed to be cheeky then I could also put the embossing folders to use ;)

Ooo, I do love a giveaway, lol, thanks for giving me the chance to win Melissa :)

Rach H said...

I haven't figured out how to link you- but if you click on the lack of thumbnail- it takes you to Webster's Hollywood Vogue! LOVE!!!

As I don't have an embossing machine and it is not in my immediate future that I will get one- I choose the sketchbook!!!

Thanks for this!

Sarah aka Byclops said...

OMG i'd lovvvvvv the Timmy stuff!!!! One of my faves is the Sew Easy that Julie posted so I picked another, the Who-ligans papers from Bo Bunny. So so cute!!!

Samantha Seholm said...

Hmmm I must have done something wrong cause the thumbnail photo did not show up. I think the link works though I love the vellum butterflies by Jenni Bowlin:) I loved all of Jenni Bowlins stuff.

Samantha Seholm said...

Oh I forgot to say I would love to be considered for the sketch book:)