Oh Chi-town I miss you!

I'm missing Chicago! I love that city so much. Not sure I shared these photos from my CHA trip yet or not. I think most of what I did show were just from the convention center and with friends. Well, we finally made it into the city on the Thursday before leaving. There is just something about the heartbeat of this city that I just love!

Here we come!

After having a yummy lunch, we walked down to Navy Pier.

The scenery was quite nice! (giggle)

We faced the water most of our walk but when I turned around to take some cityscape photos.... oh man... so beautiful!!!

I love the architecture in Chicago.  I really appreciate the diversity of old with the new.

What a great trip!  I'm looking forward to next year already. :)

And on another note - Today was day one of my Modified Elimination Diet.  For the past year (or less) I just haven't felt the best.  Been feeling fatigue and not the same umption in my gumption it seems.  Also, without giving a ton of detail, there have been some digestive issues.  So, I have two goals - 1) Figure out if I have an allergy or intolerance to some food group.  This diet has me cutting out dairy, wheat, and a lot of other stuff for three weeks.  Including CAFFEINE!  Ugh... it's been rough without my iced mocha.  Then I start reintroducing stuff to see how my body reacts.  2) I need to get healthy again!  After my last blog post, I see this as an opportunity to get back to my healthy state.  A good cleanse always seems to be a great kick off to healthier eating.  While I hope and pray that my Iced Mocha's will not make me sick when I reintroduce them, everything else will change.  Labels will be read, low sodium, less fat will be implemented and I plan to walk a lot more.  It would fabulous if, by next years Chicago trip, I'd be a size or two smaller!  Woot!

So wish me luck!  It was only day one and it was rough.  I'm finding because I can't have certain things, food is kind of bland and it's kind of expensive to shop organic/gluten free.  Oh well.  Just have to remind myself it's for the greater good! If anyone who reads this has any fabulous gluten free, dairy free recipes, I'd love to hear about them!!!