Amazed and Overwhelmed

I am so, so, so very excited to tell all of you about a very special way to help out families like Team Ewan!  I won't leak out too many details right now since they are still being worked on but let's just say that you will be able to have access to some amazing online scrapbook classes by some of your favorite designers!  In addition to that there will be some beautiful digital kits and templates and, quite possibly, a chance to win some goodies!  All in the name of supporting Seattle Children's Hospital and helping support the wonderful care that so many receive from this place.  It touches my heart so deeply to see so many people care and want to step up and contribute! So while not naming any names (yet), you know who you are and here is a humongous THANK YOU from me.  I can't wait until the official reveal!!!!

While you are here I have an updated on little Ewan.  It's WONDERFUL news too!!  Today they took him off the ECMO machine and successfully performed the decanulation surgery.  Which is a fancy non-word describing how the take him off of all the tubes and such that had him attached to the ECMO.  He is on his own.. heart pumping and oxygen levels satisfactory.  Now we are praying he continues to be stable and gets stronger! 

Thank you so much for your prayers.  I know that the Petermann family feels them and all your well wishes.  It is what is getting them through this crazy roller coaster ride.  As much as they knew how hard it would be... you can never prepare yourself well enough to really experience it properly.  It's hard.  It's impossible.  It's exhausting.  But by their Faith and support from people like you.... they are making it!

On a completely different note... I've been working on some Christmas projects!  Yep.. that's right!  It's almost October so I can say Christmas and Holidays without feeling guilty!  I have one craft show this season which is about all I can handle.  Here are some cute little boxes that I cut with the Silhouette and used some last season My Minds Eye (Colorful Christmas) papers:

For all you Sil users, the shape is adorable box 5

It is pretty adorable isn't it?  I plan to make a few more and have some with hot cocoa supplies in them and some with tea bags.  You think $2 is a good price?  I know... I could ask for more but no one buys them even if they think they are worth more.  Funny, right?

Until later!!