Learning Everday {LSNED}

I am really enjoying this class so far!  It's forcing me to stop and reflect on the previous day.  I think this is really important because you really do see all the little things and how they impact your life.  For me, my faith plays a huge role in this!  Some things I'm learning are cute and silly but others are pretty profound.

In my previous LSNED post I shared the cover and talked about how I'm recording my daily learnings.  I scrounged up all my tags I had in my stash and then cut some more using my Silhouette.  For all you Sil users, I used this image: Tag_0133

I finally got my order of blending foams for my blending tool! Yay!  So I used some yummy Tim Holtz Distress Inks and other Inks to blend them on my tags.  Stamped with some images from Unity Stamp Co. and spritzed them my Shimmer Spritz from Tsukineko. 

I really love putting these tags together!  My fingers get all inky and glittery.  I can't help but feel artsy as I'm blending all the inks together. :) 

So what have I learned so far??  I began recording my learnings on 9/2. 

Day 1: Today I learned I can't have ranch dressing. - My favorite salad dressing too! Sometimes being lactose intolerant sucks!

Backstory:  I recently found out I'm lactose-intolerant.  It's been a suspicion for the past year but I finally came to terms with it and have changed my diet.  Now my body is VERY good at letting me know what has dairy in it and some of those items are my favorite things.

Day 2: Today I learned that you can be in your own town and still feel like a tourist.

Backstory:  I took Friday off from work as an extra vacation day and had a fun time going out to lunch with my parents.  We went to a side of town that is very touristy.  I love it for it's old buildings so I brought my camera with me.  I loved feeling like a tourist in my own town!

Day 3: Today I learned the best time to go get gas at Costco is after 7:30 p.m.  No line!

Backstory:  The cheapest and best gas around here is at Costco.  Therefore the line is always ridiculously long!  I've gone a couple of times on Saturdays after 7:30 and there has never been a line! Yay! 

Here are what my tags are looking like inside my mini:


Yay! Only a few days into the project and it's coming together just like I envisioned it. 

Here's to learning more everyday!  Happy Sunday!