Remember & Enlighten

I can't believe 9 years has gone by since that tragic day. I can remember, quite vividly, that day. My job was at T-Mobile, working in the billing department. I was getting settled into my day, ready to take some phone calls and thinking how much I hated my job. About an hour or so into my shift, someone came back to their cubicle mentioning a plane or a helicopter had hit a building in New York City. That was the only detail so I thought it was just a little plane. Maybe one person lost their life. So sad! But I went on with my day. About 15 minutes later we heard another plane had hit. Okay... what the heck? Next thing we know, a murmur was going across the call center about two large planes hitting the World Trade Center. I heard words like terrorist... bombs... war... death... end of the world... I was speechless. I didn't know what to do. We got emails stating more about what happened and that the news was being broadcast in the conference rooms. We were free to leave our cubicles to watch it. There was no requirement to stay at our desks anymore and phone calls abruptly stopped coming in as the rest of the world was realizing what happened.

Have to admit when I saw the images on TV I was scared. What I saw only in movies was reality. We were under attack. What city would be next? Do I know anyone over there? Are they okay? I saw the news feed of people running in the streets as everyone was trying to figure out what happened. People at work were in tears. We couldn't move. There were several coworkers who had family in NYC and a few who had family that worked at the WTC. They were constantly on their phones. Hoping. Praying. Thank the Lord no one had experienced losing their loved one. I remember one worker whose brother would have, typically, been at work in the WTC. But that morning he missed his alarm and was late. Wow. I still get chills down my spine.

After that day life would never be the same. My community came together. We wore shirts with the American Flag on it. We were more caring and considerate. More gracious and patient with one another. People were giving and kind. We hugged strangers and cried together. The National Anthem was sung louder and stronger than ever before. We were Americans and gosh darnit... you don't mess with our family! While it was a most horrible event, I was encouraged by my countrymen. Seeing how the majority reacted gave me hope that when it came down to it... no matter our differences, we loved our country. We stand up for each other. We became strong for one another.

I have to admit, nine years later, I can tell we've lost a lot of that. It's sad that it takes a tragedy to bring people together. When we think we are strong on our own and things are fine, people get opinionated, rude and selfish all over again. It's human nature. I know that. And I know we can all do our part to try to change that... even just a little bit.

This all kind of relates to one of my layouts using product from the September Kit at SFTIO. The kit is all about Enlightenment. What we have learned. What we are no longer ignorant to. A revelation. And how our journeys have led to those moments of enlightenment.

The quote used on my layouts is this: "I have always fought for ideas - until I learned that it isn't ideas but grief, struggle, and flashes of vision which elighten."

So interesting don't you think? The grief and struggle faced from 9/11 certainly enlightened us all! Gave us new vision. New perspective.

I continue to pray and think about all those affected by 9/11. I hope that this day of remembrance continues to be one of healing, renewal, and enlightenment for all.