Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts for the Petermann family.  They have definitely felt them and are 1000000% confident that it is because of people like you that they have been able to make it through these long days and endless nights.

Ewan made it through his surgery.  He is doing better than expected.  The surgeons were grim and told Kirsten and James to prepare for the worst.  They were ready and at peace to let him go.  But Ewan isn't ready to go yet.  That little stinker!  After three attempts at putting a shunt in, one has finally stayed and will hopefully continue to.

The Surgeons were giddy because of the stability that Ewan is in right now.  They won't say it, but we all know that God answered our prayers of providing a miracle.

Be on the lookout, on my blog, for an opportunity to help and learn more about Children's Hospital of Seattle and families like the Petermann's.  I've got an exciting event coming up and I've got some fab helpers that you know well... and hopefully more... 


*Photo Credits:  All photos taken by Kirsten and James Petermann.