Wise Up!

Do you ever wish you could go back in time as an adult and have a little chat with your child self? What would you tell her? (or him if you're a guy visiting here.) What advice would you give? Would you cheer her on? Encourage her? Warn her? Tell her to make a different choice?

I've thought about this on numerous occasions as I reflect back on my life. There are a couple of defining moments in my life where I kind of wish I could go back and get in my own face and say "DON'T do it!!!" Of course, I know how stubborn I was so thinking I would actually listen is quite a long shot. When I think about my past and the choices I made, I am also thankful because every single event in my life has made me who I am today. I like who I am today. Actually, I've liked who I am for a good year or so. I've accepted certain part of my personalty and have almost found them endearing. Those things that might be areas to improve upon, I've worked on it and have been open to the constructive criticism and accountability.

I know that it's hard to do! I've also had pieces of life taken away from me. It wasn't my choice. I was violated of my rights... my body... my spirit. I could have grown up with the persona of being a victim. I could have grown up hating the world and blaming everyone around me for any hurt or pain. I could have gone the other direction... away from happiness and could have been depressed, angry and ending my life before it was naturally ready.

I created the following layout for the September Kit - Enlightenment - at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out:

I love this photo of me.  I giggle at how freakin adorable I was!  I loved (and still do) having my photo taken.  Getting dressed up with curlers and cute clothes was so much fun to me.  And... I still love it!  I work with young children and can recall those younger years.  Not knowing what was in store for me.  No worries. No fears.  Trusting the adults that were in my life.  Thinking that the way we lived at home was how the rest of the world lived.  MY world was only a few inches big.  That's not a bad thing.  Young children shouldn't need to worry about the world or bills or provision.  They need to just play and be loved.

Those bright happy eyes went dark and sad at the age of 8.  But... now they are back!  I have that light again.  Ease in my step.  I've learned so much!  I will continue to learn.

How have you been enlightened?


All materials are from the September Kit at SFTIO!