Hot off the presses!

Happy Sunday!!

The day is almost over isn't it?  Eek!  How is it the weekend always goes by so fast??  I still have the rest of my laundry to do!

Anyway, wanted to let you know of some super happy news!  I've got my FIRST class all finished and published.  Yahoo! And I'd like to give it away to two of my fabulous blog readers before it hits my Etsy shop.

The Class is in an easy to follow PDF format.  We go through the elements and principles of design and how they can relate to your layouts in a symbolic way.  And guess what?  I'm already working on my second class!  I felt like as I worked on this class there was so much more to cover and that's what I'm doing with the next class that will probably be out sometime in January.

The class will officially be for sale via my Etsy shop (it isn't ready yet) by November 1st for $15!  It will also be included in the wonderful Project Team Ewan class package!!! Woohoo!!! Even though I'm organizing this amazing fundraiser, I'm still blushing a bit to have a class among such other fabulous talent.

Alright... I do want to give away this class... a sneak preview, if you will, to two of my blog readers!  I would love to hear your thoughts too.  How to win this?

* Follow my blog (I'm not a blog follower junky, I just want to give this class to those who are pretty dedicated to my blog... I hope you understand!)

* Tell me your favorite color and why!

That's it!  Can't wait to see what you all say!!!

ETA:  I'll draw a winner tomorrow evening.. say around 5:00 p.m. PST :)