Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Proudest Moment

I've always had such a hard time with the word Proud.  As the years have gone by I've realized that there is a difference between being prideful and thankful for life circumstances and achievements that you definitely do over again.  For me, it was when I took the HUGE leap of faith and lived in Guatemala for a year.  Growing up, I always said I was not meant to go to another country.  Too scary!  Maybe some place exotic like Hawaii.... oh wait... that's not a different country.  Ha!  But I just never saw myself going out of my happy little comfort zone.  It all changed in 2005 when I was accepted as a teacher to the Christian Academy of Guatemala.  My commitment was for a year (insert face with huge bug eyes) and I would be teaching Art and Music. (insert smile with hearts)

It was the most life changing experience I ever had and as scary as it was getting on that plane to a country I had only been in for a week a year prior, it was the BEST time ever.  Sure I was homesick and there were definite moments of yearning for certain amenities and people that I loved dearly.  But God was right by my side providing me with exactly what was needed and opened my eyes to so much!  It was that year, too, that made me realize just how much I love art and how much I truly love teaching!

I went digi with my layout! :) Don't you just love the colors?  This is a kit by my SUPER DUPER amazing awesomenest totally tubular friend Jen Martakis.  (I'm sure she'll love that and isn't that the most amazing grammar you have ever read?)  You can your kit at Two Peas!

This layout is also for the current challenge happening over at All About Me!  We've got a fantastic Sponsor and Prize this month.  Why don't you come on over and join us!  We'd love to see your layouts showcasing your proudest moments and/or achievements!


P.S. 17 more days until Project Team Ewan goes on sale!


Rach H said...

Love the digital kit! I still have yet to figure how to be digital! What a wonderful experience!

Tammy said...

What a cool experience. So awesome that we can document our experiences through scrapbooking. I love Jen's kits too, but could never give up paper.....

Arlene Camacho said...

that kit looks awesome with your photos.

this is something spectacular to be proud of. :D

Sonia said...

Hi, hola!!
Absolutely Beautiful layout!
I'm your new follower. :-)


Nic said...

Such a cool experience Melissa - great LO, love the digi :-)

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Wow that's such a gorgeous page!!! I should really give digital a go one day!!!