A purpose and a reason

Good Saturday Morning!

So today is not the day I had planned.  Originally, I had wanted to head to Seattle to attend Ewan's memorial.  Instead, my car is being silly and I just don't want to take it out of town until I know for sure what's going on with it.  Originally, I thought about going up to Vancouver to ride with my friend Megs to pick up our friends the Ilchmann's but the car is small and they have lots of luggage.  So no road trips for this girly.  While I'd love to be out and about today with friends, I know that I have lots to do at home so I'm taking that as a sign I need to get focused on all of that!  I really am not opposed to crafty time in my room.  How horrible, right? Got to take advantage of Mr. Mojo while he is here anyway! 

Thought I would share my other two layouts from SFTIO using the new October Purpose kit.  I have to preface my layouts with this:  September was a NO MOJO month.  It HURT to create.  I just couldn't get any creative juice out of me.  I sat and did these layouts in a matter of two days and it's interesting to lay out my four SFTIO layouts because you can see how the mojo returned.  Each layout has a little bit more detail than the last.  Thank goodness!!!  But I hate that feeling.  I hate not wanting to create and then that feeling being followed up with... "Uh oh... they aren't going to be good enough. Noone is going to like them.  My bosses are going to question why they asked me on the team.  UGH!" 

But I know that's not all entirely true.  Everyone goes through a dry spell...  a creative drought. It happens and we just have to ride it out.  I'm glad I forced myself to create these.  I'm glad I have layouts documenting this obvious time when I lacked most creativity.  It will be neat to look back through my scrapbooks and say "oh yes... this is when this was happening, etc." 

Alright.  Enough babble!  Here are my last two layouts:

I guess the great thing is that while my creative juices were being forced, the journaling sure flowed.  This is just another reason why I love SFTIO!!  It truly is scrapping from the inside out... you SHOULD be able to feel your emotions and status of life through your layouts.  The good and the bad.