Sticky Fingers!


The other day I tried my hand at a digital layout.  It was fun.  But then yesterday I was working on some paper projects.  Pretty soon I had ink on my fingers and stickiness from the glue.  After staring at my fingers for a moment I realized how much I LOVE that feeling!  I feel so artsy and crafty.  For some reason, I feel more accomplished when I get hands on and gooey.

Speaking of glue, have you tried Helmar yet?  I was the lucky recipient of their recent Blog Hop grand prize.  A box full of adhesive goodies arrived last week and I've been a happy little gluing clam the past couple of days.  And I'm hooked.  I. Love. Helmar.  I've tried the Quick Dry Adhesive (and it definitely surpasses my beloved Zip Dry... sorry Zippy!!!), the Scrap Dots (super messy dimensional adhesive and I looooove it!), and the Gemstone Glue.   Everyone I know who has tried Helmar kept telling me it's the best.  Well, I finally got to try it and they are right!  I'm looking forward to using the Acrylic Sealer and the Vellum Adhesive on a couple of projects.  I'm sure they will be perfect.

I'm working on projects for upcoming articles in ScrapStreet and for SFTIO.  Can't show them yet but at least I can give you a wee glimpse of what I'm using. :) 

Happy Monday to ya!!