Thursday, November 11, 2010

Accept to not Settle

I have always been someone who won't "settle".  I know that whatever is for me in life, it is going to be amazing and perfectly made for me.  Whether it's a man or a job or a friendship or even something materialistic.  I won't settle for something just because it seems okay.  I want something that will push me further and will challenge me.  Something that will keep me walking with my head high, looking forward and taking each step with confidence.

I've never been a pessimist.  Which I think does come in handy at times.  Being an optimist is definitely a positive thing but I appreciate the challenge of a pessimist. ;)  The topic of Acceptance at SFTIO is so perfect for this!  It felt good to create a layout affirming this part of my personality.  One who doesn't settle!  There's a fine balance with accepting life circumstances and settling. 

I decided to try something new for me and crop my photo so half my face was showing.  The symbolism behind it is this:  smiling because I'm optimistic but part of me isn't there because I'm on the move.  Life is good.... now let's keep moving forward!  The panels of paper represent the panels of my life.  All pieces that go together and without one, things would be off balance.  They compliment each other and have their own stories to tell.  All materials are from the Acceptance November kit at Inside Out.

Want to learn more about symbolism and how to apply it to your layouts???  I'm going to give away another one of my Scrapbooking with Symbolism classes!  This is my very first class and I'm already working on its sequel.  This class is also part of Project Team Ewan.  Do check this project out.  It's for a great cause and there are some fabulous prizes up for grabs.

What do you need to do to be eligible to win?  Nothing special.  Just leave me a comment.  Tell me about your favorite part of the day. :)  I'll draw a winner Sunday.



Lisa Dorsey said...

Love the symbolism behind your layout. My favorite part of the day is the quiet time after my girls go to bed. I love the stillness of the house and find it easier to get a project done during this time

Lydia said...

Love the way you chose to do this challenge with only half your face, I think that is a great way to portray what you wrote in your Journalling, great layout Melissa!

Gabi said...

That is a beautiful LO Melissa; I've never thought to incorporate symbolism in a LO. Maybe I've done it without even knowing... who knows?

My favorite part of the day is when I get to see my three sweeties after work. I love going home and getting the biggest hug and kiss from my little girl. I love to see my husband who fills my life with great joy, and I love to see our furry friend who is always excited to be in our company :)

-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Tracy said...

Beautiful layout. I have always settled, I had no choice. But now that I am older and wiser ;) I tend not to.

Casey Wright said...

What a beautiful layout! My favorite time of the day is right when my daughter wakes up for her day - she's always in such a sweet mood :)