Okay.  To set you up for this I need you to pretend something with me.  Imagine that we're good friends... scrapbooking friends.  And you are at my house.  I open up a Priority Mail Box that just arrived and inside is this:

We proceed to do what any scrapbooking girl does when she receives a box full of goodies.  We SCREAM!  We GIGGLE!  We DANCE!  We stroke each paper, hold the flower up to our faces, oooh and aaaah.  It's a shame we have to imagine this because I can't handle getting GOODNESS like this all by myself!

How did I get it?  Well.. Kristen from Lily Bee Design is having a warehouse sale.  UNBELIEVABLE!  For ONLY $25 I got all of that beautySeriously.  This is my favorite manufacturer.  And SRM Stickers
But let's just stay focused on the pretties here.  Oh man.  I can't even focus typing this.  I keep staring at all this stuff.  I think I'm canceling all my appointments this week so I can stay home and create! (Yeah right.)

Get your box too!  I don't think all boxes will contain identical items but who cares?!?!  It's all fabulous!

- M