Did you hear???

It's a new month and Project Team Ewan is still going strong!  Please allow me to get on my PTE soap box for just a sec... or more..


The mission of Project Team Ewan is to bring together like-minded souls (*cough*scrapbookers*cough*) and support a worthy cause.  And that cause is to further research and awareness about Congenital Heart Defects in children.  For the months of November and December a collective of designers came together and contributed to a class package.  The class package is for sale (ONLY $30!!!) and 100% of the proceeds go towards Seattle Children's Hospital in memory of Ewan Eliezer Petermann.

How did Project Team Ewan get it's name?  How nice of you to ask! PTE is named after Ewan Eliezer Petermann.  He was the baby son of my good friend Kirsten Petermann.  She and her husband James learned early on in the pregnancy that Ewan had a CHD.  Later on they learned just how severe it was but they both knew that God had given this gift to them for a reason.  I have watched how Ewan's legacy has touched lives and his influence has spread like wildfire across the world.  People are inspired by Kirsten's story and perseverance.  This sweet little boy taught many people what life is truly about.  Love.  Honor.  Commitment.  Determination.  And that we all deserve a chance. 

The reason Seattle Children's was chosen for our fundraiser is because this was Ewan's home for his short time on this earth.  The staff at Seattle Children's was beyond amazing.  This hospital runs as a non-profit.  Funds are limited.  But you would think they weren't.  Each nurse, doctor, attendant, receptionist... even the janitor were so gracious, warm and supportive.

By donation to Seattle in Ewan's memory, we are helping fund research for CHD's which, surprisingly, aren't the first thing families worry about when faced with issues.  Seriously.  That surprised me!

November we had some wonderful contributers such as Two Peas in a Bucket, Jen Gallacher, Janet Carr and others who donated some fabulous prizes for those who purchased the Project Team Ewan class package.
December we have a VERY exciting partnership!!!!  I can hardly believe it.

Yep.  She's going to hate this but I just have to give huge props to Jennafer Martin for being so generous and supportive of Project Team Ewan!  Sorry Jennafer.  I have to proclaim your name! ;)  Just be glad I didn't make the font bigger and in a bright color.
For December there are SEVERAL prizes to give away to six people who decide to support Seattle Children's and buy a Project Team Ewan class package.

Ya ready to see and hear about them?  Okay!! (Click on links to view the prizes.) 

Three people will win:
Complimentary ONE year subscription to CK ($19.97 value)

Three people will win:
A signed copy of the January issue of Creating Keepsakes ($5.99 value)

WOWEE ZOWEE!!!  Can we say HUGE prizes?  All for a great cause???? Due to the holiday season I'm going to extend eligibility for these prizes all the way through January 8th!

Just head over to the Project Team Ewan blog site to see how you can donate and be eligible for these fabulous prizes.

big hugs,