Life Starts Here

About this time last year I was beginning to get more and more involved in the design world of scrapbooking. As a lover of art, I knew that simply scrapbooking for myself wasn't enough. The teacher side of me wanted to inspire. I know that there are many who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Perhaps they think about a technique or a certain way to do their project but want someone else to do it first. I'm not afraid to experiment. If I mess up... sure I'll be frustrated but I know that's also part of the whole process. Sometimes I leave the mess up because it completely expresses where I was at and sometimes I fix it.

Scrapbooking has become more than just a way to preserve memories and events. It's part of my therapy. It's my way to chronicle my life. Not just my life in regards to events and trips, etc. but also my emotions, life status, rants and journaling through issues I need to face. I love doing it this way because not only is it a way for me get creative but it is also healing.

One of the things I risk by desiring to be on design teams and such is rejection. And also that people won't like my work. The fact of the matter is not everyone will like my work. That's difficult for a "people pleaser" such as myself. I do thrive on words of affirmation and my knee-jerk reaction when someone doesn't like or appreciate my stuff is to be a crumpled up mess. "What??? You don't like me?? Augh.. I'm a failure!" Of course... there is also a very dramatic side to me that likes to appear during those moments too. Hehe...
Have no fear!!!! I do know that my art is MY art and the only person I should be pleasing is myself. As long as I find satisfaction in what I create than that's all that matters. And as I continue to do this, that frame of mind comes quicker and easier each time I get "rejected".

Supplies: Paper, Flower: Bella Blvd, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Alphabet Stickers, Paint: Making Memories, Sticker: SRM Press, Ribbon: American Crafts, Buttons: Bo Bunny Press, Creative Café. Tools: Sewing Machine, Electronic Cutter: Silhouette SD (Quickutz).
Design Notes: Be daring with your papers and layer with all kinds of patterns. Leave some negative space to make it even more bold and less overwhelming.
Journaling: I’m continuing to be more confident and daring myself in my creativity. Living my life one paint splatter at a time…

This layout was created for the Bella Blvd feature in the November issue of ScrapStreet.  Dora asked me which papers I wanted to work with and I knew right away I wanted Socialite.  Whenever I see lines that showcase daring color and pattern combinations, I want to play! And I knew I wanted to do a layout all about how I'm becoming more confident in my scrapbooking and daring myself to try new things.  

For this layout, I wanted to utilize my typical paper layering style and throw in some pretty handmade flowers.  I also wanted to stitch.  I do stitch sometimes but I wanted it to be messy.  I wanted paint splatters, glitter mess and messy thread.  And I wanted to see how far I could take it without it looking gross. The result?  This is one of my favorite pages ever.  And that opinion will not change no matter what others think. 
So there!

How have you been daring with your scrapbooking and creating? Do you consider yourself to play it pretty safe?  Have you already found your style and not interested in dipping your toes in other creative areas?  Or are you like me... pushing the envelope and just going for it! I'd love to hear about it!  You never know... I might have something to give away. :)