My top 10 of 2010

I thought it appropriate to share my top 10 scrappy favorites this week.  Today I'm just going to go through some random stuff.  Maybe my loves are your loves too! And just so you know... they are in random order.  Seriously.  I can't pick one favorite because all 10 of these things played huge and important roles in my scrapbooking this past year.

Are ya ready??

#1  My Silhouette SD

What's not to love about this thing?  Okay... so maybe I'd love it more if it cut 12x12 paper but there is a rumor going around that might be in the future.  Let's hope that rumor is true!  But I'll tell ya what... this lovely beauty of a machine is my new BFF when it comes to technology and scrapbooking.  LOVE MY MACHINE!

#2  Lily Bee Design

It's not very often that ONE manufacturer can woo me with every single one of their lines.  But Lily Bee did.  And I'm not kissing up either.  I seriously get that super giddy feeling everytime I touch those papers.  I am definitely drawn to the patterns and color combos!  They make this layering scrapper a very happy camper. :)

#3  SRM Stickers!!

Oh my.  I found out about these most luscious of stickers early last year and fell in love immediately.  I think my first package was won from a blog hop.  The minute I started using them on my projects I went and bought a few more sheets at my local stamp & scrap shop.  Between buying them and winning some more, I think I have enough stickers for the rest of my life!  I love the fonts and the fact that they melt into the papers so well.  And the DT has such clever ideas for using them. 

#4 My new friend the "pin frog"

I saw these scary looking creatures being used to hold up cards in photos for a long time.  I loved the look and I especially liked how well they held projects.  At the time, I had no idea what they heck they were until someone informed me you use them for floral arranging, etc.  I finally have one of my own!!  I need another one though to hold up my layouts but it such a cute little thing.  Heavy too!

#5 My OTT light

If you have been on the fence about investing in one of these babies let me tell you... GET OFF THE FENCE!  Go get one!  Use your coupons!  Take advantage of the discounts and sales when they happen.  It is so worth it.  The lighting is very natural and my eyes don't strain as much anymore.  It completely brightens up my scrap area and I can actually feel confident taking some photos of my projects indoors.  Still a little iffy with layouts but my smaller stuff like cards or altered projects show up fantastic with this lighting.  It is wonderful! I love not having to hold my papers at weird angels and squinting because I can't tell if the colors really match.  The OTT lite solved all my problems! :)

#6 Iced Mochas

If you know me at all or have visited my blog often enough... you should know that scrapbooking and an iced mocha go hand in hand for me.  Starbucks is my fave.  But I do have my own espresso machine at home - using Starbucks espresso beans of course - and make my own quite often.  Mmmm... nothing like gluing paper and sipping on some liquid chocolate with caffeine.

#7 All My Scrappy Friends

Photos wouldn't fit and I'm not going to name every name because there are too many of you but this past year I've gained some amazing new friendships.  The best part?  They are scrapbookers and get "it".  I think one of my favorite memories this past year was attending CHA Summer and being around my ScrapStreet sister friends and talking "scrap" with them.  I loved hearing them talk about things the way I've always wanted to.  But I don't live around people who "get it" anymore.  With no LSS and just not many who are as deep into this hobby as I am... it's refreshing to be around some soul sisters.  Not only are they great to talk "scrap" too but they have turned into some amazing friends who like me for me.  And that is no small task my friends. ;)

#8  Helmar

Back to product.  I almost forgot about my new favorite adhesive!  I've been wanting to try Helmar ever since I heard it came out.  But I always have a hard time paying extra for shipping.  I've gotten so use to having everything local and now I am having to reshape that thought and know that many things I'll have to order online now.  OR... participate in blog hops and contests. :)  That's what I did and won some yummy Helmar goodies!  This stuff definitely lives up to what I've been hearing.  Every since November, it's been my exclusive adhesive and I'm not going back.  LOVE. IT.

#9 Picasa

Waaaay back when Picasa first came out I had it.  And I hated it.  So this past year when I heard people seemed to be using it a lot I kind of scoffed at it and latched onto my Photoshop.  Well.  I finally decided to download it and try it again.  Boy am I glad!  It is so easy. And it's free!  AND.. you can access Picnik through it to do more editing stuff.  Picnik does cost if you want to use the extra features but it's so cheap.  So I pay.  And I'm MUCH more happy with my photos after using Picasa and Picnik than I have been with my Photoshop. 

#10 ScrapStreet and Scrapbooking from the Inside Out

LOVE these teams.  These are the two folks that gave me a chance in the design world this past year and I am forever humbled and grateful.  It's such a crazy thing when you WANT to be involved on a design team level with magazines, kit clubs or even manufacturers.  I mean... why would anyone want to expose themselves in such a competitive atmosphere.  I will admit.  It was rough and still is.  It really is a competitive world and I've had to step back many times to reevaluate why I want to be part of scrapbooking in such a way.  But it's because I love to create and I love to teach.  I'm wired to do both.  And these two teams fit me perfectly.  So thank you Dora, Rachel and Nancy for believing in me! 

Tomorrow I plan to share my top 10 favorite layouts.  Can't wait!!!!