Not what I expected

Whenever I find out what our 'emotion' is for the next months kit at SFTIO, I go into research mode.  I google the word.  I bring it up in and start compiling notes.  I look at the antonyms and synonyms of the word and read quotes.  I gain as much information as possible and then begin to think about how it relates to my personal life.

It's such a therapeutic process because I always learn so much more about myself.  Who I am.  Who I am created to be.  I learn about areas of my life I haven't really focused on and bring up the dirt.  It's not always easy but when it's all said and done - it was necessary.

As I did my research I found that the opposite of Wonder is Expected.  Almost immediately I thought "my life is not at all what I expected!"  There have been many times that I have reflected on where I wanted to be and where I actually am.  It's provided a lot of moments to be frustrated, sad, disappointed but at the same time I am so thankful!  Because of the unexpected I have had moments where I stepped and thought, "wow, that was cool!"  The unexpected can be a positive thing too!

All product for this kit is from the beautiful Wonder kit at SFTIO.  It's the December kit and it's full of gorgeousness!  I am in love with Hollywood Vogue from Websters.  Oh man.  It's so sophisticated and breathtaking!

On this layout I have some hidden journaling about what I expected for my life.  I expected to be married, have kids, be thinner.  But all those things haven't happened.  It made me sad as I journalled but I also knew that the unexpected good things that have come along instead.... I wouldn't trade for the world!  

I challenge you to create a layout like this.  It is so therapeutic and healing! And also come check out the kit.  It's beeeeeeautiful!!