Monday, December 13, 2010

Sing the Wonders

I love to sing.  It's my "go to" coping mechanism no matter what emotion I'm dealing with.  If I'm happy I sing.  If I'm mad I sing.  If I'm sad I sing.  If I'm sure excited... well... you get it... I sing!  I love to teach kids about music and enjoy coaching others on singing techniques as well as sing at church on a worship team.  There is something special that happens in those moments that I am singing to the Lord.  Whether I am in tears or nearly jumping out of my skin happy, I feel closest and feel the most intimate with Jesus when I sing.

The emotion this month at SFTIO is Wonder.  We received one of my favorite Websters lines - Hollywood Vogue.  The papers are so luscious, sophisticated and drop dead gorgeous! I am always a fan of those who can rock out the soft, beautiful, flowery type layouts and wanted to try it out with these papers.  It's a challenge for me to create with papers that have images placed around the paper.  So with this layout, I took advantage of the flowers and journaling spot already printed on the paper and tried my hand at a style I don't typically do.  

Journaling:  I love to sing.  It's the time that I feel closest to the Lord and at peace.  Whenever I feel sad, discouraged, scares or uncertain, I know I can sing and begin to feel calm and reassured.  Sing the wonders of His love!

All supplies can be found in the December Wonder kit at SFTIO.


Rach H said...

Gorgeous! I love the color scheme!!! I feel the same way about singing!!!

ellen s. said...

oh gosh. i love the title and how you used wonder.

loving all the websters in this kit! :)

Linda Beeson said...

What a great theme for a layout - nice stuff to remember. I love to sing to the Lord too - it is amazing how that lifts what is ailing you.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Love to sing too but I am no good at it. :) Fabulous layout!