For Real?

Well I had the crazy thought to share with all of you my first layouts.  Actually, I don't have photos of my very first layouts and you will never see them.  They are that bad.  I refuse.  No matter how much you pay me.  Seriously.  BUT... let me just say the embarrasment won't be completely void on my end because I went browsing through my Two Peas gallery.  I have been uploading projects there since 2008.  Today I was sifting through stuff, reorganizing, reminiscing and found myself saying "for real?  you did that?"  Don't we all say that about our first projects?  I had a pretty good concept of design but I was still kind of exploring what my style was.  Most tools from the scrapbooking world were still fairly new to me.  Even though I like to say I've been scrapping since about 2001 it was just with some cardstock and a few stickers.  I would say about 2005 is when I really started using other embellishments and began to learn my pages could be real pieces of art.   But 2008 is when I became brave enough to share my stuff. 


Here are my first two layouts I ever shared publicly:

I have to admit it's not that bad.  It doesn't hurt my eyes to look at it and I really do like my journaling.  That picture still cracks me up and I like how I was beginning to venture out of super simple and adding a few extras like the cluster of buttons and the bling.  The cutting of those flowers was a little new for me too and I still enjoy it. 

Mmmm... die cut sneeze!  Yep.  Almost as bad as sticker sneeze.  Hehe!  The not so bad thing is they really don't look awful on this.  Those stars still look cute and I'm not too sad to have to look at it more.  I didn't include journaling but I've written on the back since this photo was taken.  I remember making this one as I was experimenting with rub-ons and trying out differnent composition techniques.  I had just found out about the 7 Gypsies stickers.  I loved the instant journaling they added to pages.  The American Crafts papers are still a fave.  Those colors were a lot of fun to play with.

Okay so that wasn't so bad.  I did enjoy browsing through my gallery and instead of deleting them, I'm keeping them.  This past year my style has evolved and I extremely enjoy seeing how it has evolved over the years.  I've learned a lot.  Not just about myself but also more about what I'm attracted to design wise and how I want my pages to look.

The biggest lesson?  I absolutely adore this hobby... artform.. and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. :)