Get into Shape!

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That's what I keep yelling at myself in the mirror.  "GIRL!! Get with it!!!"  And I'm working on it.  The jeans are baggier so I'm doing something right.

But that's not really what this post is about.  We all know cards come in various sizes and shapes like squares and rectangles.  Those are the usual shapes anyway.  But what about a flower?

Or a flower pot?

Or maybe even jazzing up what would be a typical shape with something just a little different?

I made all of these with card shapes from my Silhouette library.  But I know many of us have other machines like the Cricut and Pazzles, etc. which can also give you beautifully shaped cards.

That's what my latest call is over at ScrapStreet!  We're going to featuring shaped cards and the tools we used to create them, in Card Corner, with hopes to inspire our readers in taking a step out of their comfort zone while creating cards.  Fun, right??  Would you like to be one of my guest designers?  Submissions are due by January 31st.  You can either go the regular submission route and submit through our submissions [at] scrapstreet [dot] com email address or send them directly to me with a supply list and some design info to melissa [at] scrapstreet [dot] com.

Can't wait to see what you send in!!!