A little Impulsive

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Confession time:  I'm impulsive.  A little too much sometimes.  If something sounds exciting, I hop on board before really thinking it through.  Sometimes it can be a good thing.  Nobody got hurt, it was still exciting and it would be something I'd do all over again.  Sometimes it's a major fail.  People did get hurt (the type of hurt would depend on what it actually was), it wasn't exciting and I would definitely approach it from an entirely different angle.  And then are times that are kind of in between.

Being impulsive can be a blessing and a curse.  I like it because it does mean I'm not afraid to try things.  I like the thrill and excitement and I learn more about myself in the process.  I don't like it because sometimes I hurt people's feelings and there have been times when something just didn't get done completely or in the best way.  It's such a catch-22 this whole being impulsive!

So while I am an adult; well into my thirties, I do know that life is a series of learning opportunities.  No matter your age.  And so I learn, along the way, when it is appropriate to be impulsive and when I need to take time for some reflection before diving in.  

This layout contains product from the January kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out - Reflection.  I decided to take the approach of documenting the opposite of reflection.  When I saw the word Impulsive, I thought perfect.  That's me! 

Do you like that pinwheel flower?  Want to know how those other flowers got to be that glittery pinky color?
There are tutorials all over containing crafters approach to the pinwheels and I'll be including mine in the next week.  The flowers were originally white and I used some smooch spritz from the kit to color them.  I'll be sharing more ideas and techniques for the smooth spritz on the SFTIO forum.  Come join us!  It's a wonderful group of creative ladies sharing their life one scrap page at a time. :)