Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last of Vulnerability

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Time to get deep. Put on your boots.

I'm sharing my last layout using the February Vulnerability kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.  What a great and challenging emotion it was to scrap about.  And so therapeutic!  There is something I've wanted to journal about and let out and that is how I viewed myself way back when.  It affected my relationships with others drastically and I'm so glad I can say I am "No Longer Playing A Victim".

All supplies are from the February Vulnerability kit.  There are still a few left!

I love that pink was a dominant color in this kit.  It is such a delicate color and I view being vulnerable as something very delicate.  It isn't easy! And you risk so much by putting yourself out there.  This kit also had lots of transparency elements which, I thought, carried out the symbolism of vulnerability because you are allowing people to see through you.  To see your heart.  Such a risky thing to do! 

The design of this layout uses a sketch from Sketch for Scrapbooking Volume 7.  Hmmm.. and I'm still waiting to hear back from Ginny who was my winner from the blog hop.  Oh Ginny!  If I don't hear from you by tonight I'll have to draw another winner!  

But back to the layout.  I wanted to take advantage of the color pink and the transparency for this confessional type journaling.  While I'm no longer playing a victim and manipulating friendships, it's still hard to admit that is how I was!  I did some hand-stitching around the edge to help anchor the layout.  Sometimes using so much transparent elements can make a design look "floaty" and I needed to do something to ground it.

I guess I'm on a roll with blogging this month!  Yay!  I really do enjoy writing and blogging.  There will most likely be a post everyday this week because I've got lots to share. :)  Happy Hump Day!



Connie said...

I read what you wrote~I can't believe you were that way~I don't know you IRL but I feel like you are so sweet and giving!!!Nice to meet you M!!!

Lynn said...

again your journaling is powerful and surprising. what an awesome way to see your personal growth. i agree with connie in that you seem so sweet and giving. love the lo. the pieces are all coming together eh?

Margie H said...

This would be a hard challenge for anyone...you did a wonderful job. Hmm...something that I might need to do when I get a chance. TFS!

ellen s. said...

i am so glad you were able to change and find peace in that. i think we would all be lying if we didn't do things in our past that we weren't proud of.


hilde janbroers said...

love your layout! I love the kraft!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great layout!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog siehledwithakiss.blogspot.com this week. i truly appreicate your kind comments. i would be honored if you stopped by again sometime! thanks

charli said...

gorgeous lo--and cool of you to share it!

Christa said...

Great layout and great reflection and openness about how things used to be! So glad you are able to change it!