I am Rubber

Did you ever hear or use the phrase "I am rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say will bounce off me and stick to you!"  It was the phrase of champions.  The champions who were dealing with being teased and taunted.  As a child, I got teased quite a bit.  Sometimes for what I was wearing.  Sometimes for my weight.  Sometimes just because kids were being kids.  While I appreciate the fact that the adults in my life were trying to teach me to not let those mean words hurt me, that phrase was a blatant lie.  "Whatever you say will bounce off me and stick to you!"  Not so.  I said it.  Oh yes. But it wasn't true.  In fact, the words were sinking deep into my head and taunting me even more so.  Except now it was my own voice repeating what they were saying and it would get a little confusing.

I didn't have the highest self-esteem as a child.  The reasons were a mixture of circumstances and being teased. I don't teach kids that phrase. I let them talk about how they are feeling and actually confront the other person who teased them.  Happens all. the. time at the childcare center.  And I think it's important for children to build some type of confidence and be able to say "Hey... you can't talk to me that way!"  I affirm kids in their moments of feeling hurt.  I let them cry and work through it. 

Of course I would choose this topic when creating one of my layouts for the Resilience kit at SFTIO.  It just made sense to me.  Resilience is all about strength and bouncing back.  That's what it is to me.  I love the symbolism of the elastic bands and the metals.  Strength. Bouncing back.

I absolutely loved The Classics line from American Crafts that I wanted to make layouts featuring as much of the patterns and colors as possible.  I love the look of grids and blocked designs so I punched some squares from all the papers.  Then added some little embellishments here and there. I liked the playfulness of the hanger and wanted to use it on this layout since I was reflecting on my childhood a bit.  The symbolism with that piece, to me, is showing the carefree mentality of a child and how lightly this phrase was used.  The strength of the metals showcases how heavy it actually weighed on my heart and stretched me.  But then that little piece of elastic reminds me that I'm no longer that child and while words can still hurt, I can bounce back much quicker now.

How have you been resilient in life?

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