I Sleep in my Scraproom

No really I do.

You think I am joking?

See?  I told you.
I love looking at photos of scraprooms and getting the virtual tour on line.  The problem I have is most that I view are rooms that are specifically dedicated to scrapping.  Or it contains all this fantastic furniture.  I know that the individuals who share their space have worked on their rooms and have probably spent months and months working on it.  But I thought I would share my space.  It's not pretty. My furniture doesn't match.  And I share my space with where I sleep.  I really don't mind it all.  It's kind of nice to slip into my jammies and climb into bed after scrapping into the wee hours of the night. But I do miss having a larger room.  I've always shared my scrap space with my bedroom but I had the master bedroom at my old house and it felt like I had a separate scrap place.

Anyway.  Here is how I have it all set up.  This is perfect for the single gal who really doesn't share her room with anyone else except herself.  Ya ready?  Here we go!

First, behind the door, I have a couple of these fabulous white units.  I do, eventually, plan to have the whole set as my scrap organizational system.  Super easy to put together and they look nice.

I keep my photos in the top set of the four drawers and the bottom two house some stuff I need to organize through.  The piece with the shelves is brand new and I haven't quite decided what will go there.  I'm thinking DT stuff will go there.  The top bins are used to house layouts that need to be put in binders and also used for crops.

On the other side of the door is this shelving unit.  Housing my radio, magazines, empty Frappacinno jars for altering (I sell them as cocoa sets at craft shows), crop totes and cup holder, altered comp books and other little items that are for craft shows and on the bottom shelf are my cards, envelopes, canvas and some stuff for giveaways.  Ignore the mess to the right please. Thanks. ;)

Here is the bed photo again. This is taken from the doorway.  So to the left you can see my radio and that shelf.  To the right, outside of the photo, is my closet and then the behind the door area.  Not even showing you my closet.  Sorry.  Also to the right is my dresser with TV.  Pretty sure my bed and dresser are the only signs that this is actually a bedroom.  Besides my messy closet. 
This lovely set of drawers houses many things. The very bottom drawer has random holiday things, then my punches, drawer for chipboard, random painting and altering supplies such as tissue paper, bubble wrap, then a drawer holding some cardstock scraps.  The top two are stamping supplies. The one open has my inks and stamping blocks and the top one has my stamps.

On top of the chest of drawers are more drawers that house my cardstock, random embellishments like journaling cards, stickers, tickets, brads and eyelets, flowers, etc.

The work area from a different angle.  That pink daisy isn't really in the photo. I realized I forgot to move a DT project off the desk.  Oops.  Had to get creative in covering it up. :)  Look at all that natural light!!!

These are close-ups of what is on the shelves at my desk. Jars and glasses hold ribbons.  Then I have a basket holding my Cuttlebug folders, basket for my adhesives and a basket for my camera which also seems to be sharing some space with packages of bakers twine. Nice.

At right at my finger tips are these drawers which house sheets of pop dots, Sookwang tape, bling, floss, blending brushes, random brads.  Talk about random. But I know exactly what is in each drawer. :)  Oh and some photos waiting for layouts sit on top.

These are items hanging from or sitting on my desk.  The white container is actually a silverware container I found on clearance at Target.  Of course, my mind goes directly towards how perfect it would be to house my scissors, brushes and markers. :)  Then the green cups are from Ikea.  I have the bar these hang from and one other cup not being used right now but they hang perfectly from the bars at my desk.  The bottom one houses pens and scissors I always use. The top one has my mists, spray inks and misters.  Oh... and a stray brush.

Under the desk. This can be a scary place sometimes.  Another not so organized area but I've got my embossing powders, extra buttons, photo easels, ribbons and a basket housing who knows what.  I need to go through that soon.  Oh and there's my little Xyron! I was looking for that thing!!! I also like to keep some newspaper handy for projects.  Need to find a better way to storage that. 
See? Aren't you loving this tour??  It's like I'm organized.... kind of... but not really.  At least not in an embarrassing way.

To the left of my desk is this lovely shelving unit.  My Silhouette lives here.  Then my Cuttlbug, extra brushes, pins and a basket of fabric are here.  On the bottom are my Thickers and other letter stickers, my heat embossing gun, a random book that's used for projects when I want a book page and way in the back are some candles.  Because that's where they go, right? Candles can be stored with scrapbooking supplies.  Why not?

All the way to the left of my desk is a table which holds my laptop, printer and another shelving unit.  On the bottom are these lovelies.  I've got my patterned paper organized by manufacturer in the white drawers.  In the blue drawers are chipboard 12x12 sheets, rub-ons, die cut sheets that come with collections, 12x12 cardstock.  Two drawers are all divided up so I have lots of embellishments in there.  The bottom is split up weird so it has random things that don't really go with anything else.  I always forget to look down there for something when scrapping.  This is one of the areas that might get redone when I begin to use that new, white, shelving I showed earlier.

This sits on top of the table, behind my laptop. I pushed the lid down on my laptop so you can see the whole thing.  Cute isn't it? I found it at Fred Meyer for a very good price.  It was very easy to put together too. I love having everything out where I can see it.  Flowers in clear jars, buttons ready to go for a crop, paints and then on top my Stickles, Alcohol inks, ribbons and something I've made.  You can't see them, really, but right in front of that 'create' piece are two little clay elephants from Guatemala.  I've got little pieces of Guatemala all over this room.  You might have seen them in previous photos if you look close enough.

So that's my room. An organized mess... kind of.  But who really has a perfect room?  It is not normally this clean.  Actually I'll confess something to you.  It was a mess. I put it all out in the hallway so I could take some photos.  Hehe... I did put some things away but I had scraps of paper and kit things all over the place. I am NOT a clean scrapper. 

The mess is back now. I will never take photos unless someone dares me.  ;)

Now I want you to show me your room!  Don't be afraid! I just showed you mine.  Now show me yours. 

- Melissa