Just some things

You know what?

I miss the 80's.

I miss the excuse to feather my bangs and make my hair all big and poofy.  Those hairstyles were very "cowlick" friendly.  I have about four or five cowlicks that drive me nuts when trying to accomplish the smooth and polished hair look. And having bangs? Love them! They are good for my face shape.  But they are a PAIN to get all in one direction.  Trust me when I say the bangs you see on my head take a lot of work and grumbling. 

Last night my old roomie had a fun birthday party.  It was 80's themed and we all went bowling. Had pizza beforehand too.  How 80's can you get?

That's my other old roomie and good friend Kaari.  We got ready together, listening to some amazing Cindy Lauper and Taylor Dane while getting ready.  It was totally tubular! 

I also want to tell you about some exciting news happening at ScrapStreet.  We are now moving to a quarterly publication which means great things for you! Sometimes writing monthly articles can get overbearing and details and words just don't have the heart and soul as they should.  But now, with lots of time to put the energy and creative force that is our Pit Crew, you can be sure articles will be quite amazing. Our last call that was suppose to be for June will actually appear in the July issue and current calls will also be in the July issue.  So submit, submit, submit! Can I just say the Card Corner call looks quite spectacular. hehe...

Off to create!

- M