Monday, April 25, 2011

Definitely a month of Resilience.

The topic of Resilience this month at SFTIO had me thinking about something an acquaintance told me not too long ago. She said, "Wow... you are a strong woman." There was more to the statement but I kept hearing that phrase resonate in my head.



strong... ?

At first I was thinking, "yeah right."  But the more I thought about my story. What I went through as a child, pre-teen, teen and into my adult years, I think I've finally come to a place to say, "Yes.  As a matter of fact. There is a strength deep inside of me that has gotten me through all the pain and anguish. The bad choices and loneliness. The confusion and disappointment. The redemption and healing."  Definitely. But it's not my own. I think it's impossible for one to rely on their own strength.  We're imperfect human beings with silly thoughts in our heads. I know where my strength comes from. Do you?

Most materials are from the April Resilience kit from SFTIO.

Non kit items: Silhouette SD (to cute flowers), Buttons (stash), Border Punch (Martha Stewart)

Right now I'm plowing on through trying to remind myself about that strength. It's just been disappointment after disappointment lately with a few rays of light in the midst of it. I'm sorting through where I really want to focus my designing and such.  I know that it's all for the better but you know how it goes... you can't help but kind of sit in that disappointment for a little bit. I am an optimist though! I am extremely thankful for what I am doing now and the vision I have for some things on the horizon. So woohoo!



Alyssa said...

Beautiful layout. I love those flowers!

Connie said...

awesome blog post~ I do know~but I forget sometimes...great Lo, melissa!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi there, Melissa! Your layout is adorable! Love those photos of you, and love the topic. Fantastic journaling and design. I think those letters you chose work perfectly with your theme, and I adore the flowers. Totally digging the brown polka dots, too, since brown is my favorite color! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Chocolate Mousie said...

Great lo and love those flowers. The problem with most girls is our society are told over and over that we have to be meek and mild. We have to listen and stay within the lines. Don't run, don't shout. Boys on the other hand are told to run, jump, yell, rough house. The skies the limit. It carries over to our adulthood so that when we're strong, many people say it in a nasty way. Be strong and be yourself. It's the best thing in the world and it will see you through so many things. That's the advise I'm giving my DD. :)

charli said...

thanks for sharing the layout and the post--it's hard to see ourselves as others do.