Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

No project to share today.  Thanks to Kai, I'm trying something a little bit different.

Yesterday I said goodbye some of my hair as I got a super cute new 'do. Love my six week hair appointments!
Yesterday I rode in my car to and from work. Really exciting.
Yesterday I was greeted by some beautiful sunshine that has managed to come back today.
Yesterday I relaxed in the salon chair as my hairstylist Janis worked her magic.
Yesterday I discovered I really miss having an LSS near me and attending regular crops.
Yesterday I texted no one.

Today I enjoyed some time with cute kids at school.
Today I helped a church family by making a meal during their time of loss and grief.
Today I created chicken enchiladas for meal mentioned above and will hopefully do some paper creating as well.
Today I wondered if I ever will break through this grumpiness I'm experiencing. It's not fair to those around me and I'm tired of feeling so blue.
Today I decided to overhaul my room this weekend. I need new organization and to rearrange a bit.
Today I improved my morning routine by accident. I actually got up early and enjoyed a slow, quiet start to the day.
Today I celebrated with a four year old who pooped on the potty. The joys of working with children. :)
Today I blogged a post that I don't normally post. These don't usually get the best response but, thankfully, my blogging isn't always to fulfill others needs. Sometimes I just need an avenue to let it all out.
Today I cooked four cheese macaroni. Probably not the best idea for my sensitive tummy today but it tasted very good.

Tomorrow I return to work with, hopefully, less grumpies.
Tomorrow I must focus on getting some scheduling done at work and other projects finished at home.
Tomorrow I balance my... um.. not sure but I'll let you know if I happen to balance something.
Tomorrow I will write some journaling down for a layout.
Tomorrow I choose to wake up with a smile and the words "This is the day the LORD has made." And I will enjoy it. 

Let me know if you decide to do this.  I'd love to come read it.  In the meantime, I'm going to go try to shake off this grumpy feeling and do some creating.