Goodbye and Hello and New Stuff

It's almost June.

Which means the term for our current design team at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out (SFTIO) is coming to a close. Let me tell you that I am so excited for you all to see what they have done with the June kit. All of them have gone out with a bang! Thank you so much to Nancy, Christa, Diana, Fabi, Patty and Felecia for being an awesome group of women to work with. My transition into the DT Coordinator position happened with this group and you all made it so easy! I'm keeping you on my blog reader so I'll be able to keep up to date with all your projects and life stories. Thank you for your heart and dedication to all that SFTIO is about.

June also marks the first month that our NEW design team gets to begin working on their layouts. They have the July kit in their hot hands and I've already been previewed by a couple of the layouts. Oh man. You are in for a treat! Be ready to give a wonderful hello to Mette, Jamie, Pamela and Laura. Welcome to the team ladies. :) To learn more about SFTIO check out this link to learn more about our approach to scrapbooking.

I thought I would share with you my last layout for this month focused on Friendship.  Can I give you a piece of advice? Those friends you have that make you a better person... don't let them go! Even when it's hard, annoying, inconvenient... do not let them go!  The verse about "iron sharpens iron" is so true and I am so thankful to have friends in my life that, through their accountability and lighting fire under my tushy, have made me a better person. And continue to do so! Megs is someone who I don't hang out with as much anymore. I see her once a week due to a volunteer gig I do but we haven't had a chance to really kick back and chill out like we use to. But we aren't ready to let each other go because we know we are good for each other. I like that. I also like that we are candy... M&M! Proves how sweet we are. Right???

Isn't that zipper fun? I love the symbolism behind it. You need two sides to complete the zipper and both parts work together to make it functional. While I didn't use it in it's literal capacity, I incorporated it (symbolically) as a flower. Used one of those fabulous Glubers from Cosmo Cricket to make it stick. :)
I also used the corrugated house because my friends, like Megs, are my "homebase". They are the ones I go back to. I'm like the "prodigal friend" at times and they don't have to welcome me back. But they do!

All supplies are from the May kit - Friendship - from SFTIO. Check it out!

Now onto a new blog feature of mine.  I am the Card Corner writer for ScrapStreet magazine. We have moved to being a quarterly publication and I thought it would be convenient to also post my Card calls for publication here. Up at the top you should see a link that says Card Corner. Click on that for my current call and for instructions on how to submit. Good luck!