Looking for something to do?

It's a long weekend here in the U.S. which means little vacations, bbq's, parades and a chance to relax for some of us. I'm looking forward to a weekend of catching up. So many changes in the past couple of months have taken place and I realize that my files, my room, my computer are a big hot mess. No wonder I'm losing things! So this weekend will give me a chance to get organized and focus.

In the meantime, are you looking for something to do too? I am so sad to miss out on this this year but it's the annual OWH Memorial Day blog hop!  I LOVE OWH! There are always a ton of blogs to visit on this hop. You might have to do it in shifts but it's so worth it to visit each person's blog. You'll see great card making inspiration and read some moving stories.  Sometimes I have to have a tissue nearby. As with any blog hop, I'm pretty sure there are some sweet prizes too. Click on the following image and it will take to where you need to start.  Have fun!!

In honor of the OWH blog hop and Memorial Day, I thought I would share an oldie card. This dates back several years and was the first card I shared for my first OWH blog hop:

Timeless I say. I don't even remember all the manufacturers used for this card but check out some of the techniques. I was just learning card making when I first made this card so tearing and stamping were so new to me. 

My thoughts are with all those who are currently serving and/or have served our country. You are a group I have the deepest admiration for and am extremely thankful for your service and dedication! I also want to shout out to the military spouses. You have an incredible job! You are serving our country as well by caring for your family at the home front and supporting your husband/wife in the most profound way. 

I'm feeling a little Lee Greenwood coming on.... cheesy 80's and all....