City of Subdued Excitement

That's my Bellingham.

We really are the city of subdued excitement and quite proud of it actually. It's taken almost my entire life to come to terms with the fact I really do love it here. There are moments that I want to move away - and do - then a year or so later I always come back. It's my home-base. I love diversity. I love that we are so close to Canada, nestled in between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., mountains to the right, ocean to the left and plenty of rivers and lakes and forests in between. There's a little bit of everything for folks here. You got your farms, your yuppy part of town, the University is here too and refer to folks like me as 'Townies'.  I'm proud to be a 'Townie'.

There's not a place quite like Bellingham. I've been to many parts of the country and, so far, nothing compares. I love big cities, especially Chicago. That would be my back-up as far as favorite spots in the U.S. But this place... Bellingham... *sigh* It's quite lovely.

Maybe I shouldn't talk it up so much. I kind of like the size it is and I don't think I'd like there to be too many more people moving here. ;)

Imagine my excitement upon opening the package of journal cards by Pink Paislee. As part of the Hometown Summer collection, I happened upon a little card that said.... wait for it... BELLINGHAM, WA!!! What??!! Now I know that my hamlet isn't completely off the map. There are many who have heard of it and we even have some celebs that live here. Ryan Stiles to name one of them! He is quite active in our community too which is great. I've seen him a few times in the grocery store. :) BUT... I've never seen my hometown featured in a scrapbook line.  Wow! So to whoever, from Collage Press, thought to create this brilliant little card, here is a huge THANKS! We in Bellingham are very proud of our beautiful surroundings and mix of culture. 

It would be natural that I felt compelled to create a layout about my town. My home. This was featured in the May issue of ScrapStreet as part of our Pink Paislee sponsored article. Thank you Rebecca for your generosity!

Before leaving this post, I want to direct your attention to the Club CK blog because Rachel, from SFTIO, is being featured as a guest blogger. You might even see a layout by lil ole me there! So get on over there! 

What do you love about your hometown? I'd love to know!