Focus on Joy

Every time I think of the word Optimism, I can't help but immediately be drawn to my faith. I know why I have this positive outlook on life. It's because I've witnessed, personally, how God can take a broken heart and life and turn it into something beautiful. I've felt the acceptance and have seen how unconditional the love of Jesus is. When you walk through and experience that, you can't help but have an optimistic view on life. Even when I want to toss in the towel and have a tantrum because things aren't fair or aren't going my way. I'm gently reminded of Who has my life in the palm of His hands and that is, most of the time, enough. :) That's not to say I have my moments of doubt. I do. In fact, those moments turn into days into weeks and into months. But there's always this deep seeded reassurance and I know exactly where it comes from. So I will focus on joy.

This layout was created with contents from the June kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out - Optimism. Look how perfect the colors and butterflies are? When I think of optimism, I realize that these are the types of creative symbolism I would go for.

Love the texture of those fabric Thickers!

I need more fabric in my stash. Even with this embellishment that was extremely simple to create, I love the texture it adds and softness it contributes to my layout. And those delicate doily stickers... I'm feeling optimistic just looking at it!

A wee close-up of my journaling and to finish it off, I took my notebook edge punch by EK Success. It just needed something else instead of a straight edge, to complete the layout.

So... what am I feeling optimistic about today? It's FRIDAY! Yay! How can you not feel optimistic when the weekend is right around the corner. Now, if this weather would just start cooperating. Warmer weather is on the way but I'm getting rather impatient.

What are you feeling optimistic about today?