Hopefuls and Tutorials

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for having conversation with me in my previous post. I love it when I get comments. Who doesn't, right?

Hey. No project to share today but I have come across two fabulous blog series. The first one is for the Design Team Curious or Hopeful. It's an 8 part blog series that is brilliantly presented. It is real. It is honest. And is full of fabulous advice. Even though I am on a couple of teams, I still took it to heart because I've been turned down quite a bit lately. It definitely helps to come at it from a different perspective instead of beating myself up! So take a read. Learn something new and enjoy! (Click on the photo.)

The second one is a blog full of awesome photo taking tips. It's mostly for cards but I can see it being applied to layouts too. Go on over and have a read. It's super easy to follow and the sample photos show the proof. Just click on the photo below.

photo source: notes on paper

Anyway, just wanted to leave you all with those fab spots and hope your week is going well! I hope to get some crafting in this afternoon. Gotta go make that iced mocha first. ;)