I Had Hope

When you are someone that is watching a friend go through something life changing, traumatic, heart breaking and horrible, there is a sense of loss of control. It's not about me and I'm not the one personally experiencing the situation but there is a piece of us... me... that wants to take some of it so that my friend won't feel as burdened. I cry and grieve. Of course because I'm sad and feel the loss as well but also because I want to do it for them.

I'm mostly speaking about the recent loss of baby Ewan. It was back in October which seems like an eternity and yesterday at the same time. It hasn't even been a year and so I do consider it recent. The wounds are still fresh, the heartache is still there and everyone misses that sweet baby whether they knew him in person or through Kirsten's beautifully written blog posts and photos. Her approach to sharing through her gift of writing made many feel like they were in the hospital rooms with her and made them feel like they knew both her and Ewan in an intimate way. So when he didn't make it, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of folks that felt that loss very personally. I like that. Well... I don't like that we lost him but I love the fact that Kirsten and James were literally not alone. On so many levels! I know it helps them on their journey through this whole ordeal. And now they are expecting again! Glory Hallelujah!

It seemed appropriate this month to do another layout relating to what everyone went through during Ewan's life. The waiting. The hoping. The praying. Our kit at SFTIO this month is called Optimism and I wanted to record the fact that I had hoped... In fact I dared to believe that Ewan was going to make it. Alas, he didn't and hopes were dashed. But there is still good in all this and it didn't squelch my naturally optimistic tendencies. Which I am forever thankful.

I'll be sharing how I made this cloud in the Exclusive Content as part of the SFTIO forum. You can find it here. You do need to register if you're not a member already but it is quick, painless and super easy! (And worth it!)

Non kit Supplies: Gesso (Golden), Embossing Powder (Stampin' Up!), Pen: Zig Memory Systems

All other supplies are from the June kit - Optimism - from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.