Ten Things

I'm starting something new this month. A couple of months ago I took the Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers class by Shimelle. It was very informative with lots of little tips and tricks for me to keep working on making my blog the type of place I want it to be. One of the things the class alumni are doing each month with Shimelle, is doing a "10 Things on the 10th of the Month" post. I'm excited for this! Sometimes I'll share my top ten projects. Sometimes I'll share my top ten websites for the month. Sometimes it will be random things. I hope you enjoy and feel free to join us!

So here are my TOP TEN inspiring websites for card making. These are the one's I've found myself repeatedly going to for a good mojo refill. If you are a card maker, I hope you find these just as inspiring.

1. Kristina Werner's blog. I love her style. I usually leave her blog feeling like I'm invincible and I can do whatever I want with my stash. (Thanks Kristina!)

2. Card Positioning System blog. A weekly card sketch is given and most deliciously talented design team gives their samples. If it's not the sketch, it's definitely the designers that give me new and innovative ideas.

3. Audrey Pettit. I recently invited her to be a regular contributor to my Card Corner article. When you visit her blog you'll understand why.

4. SRM Press blog. Not only do I absolutely adore these stickers AND use them on most of my cards, but their designers are brilliant.

5. Pinterest. Well duh. Who doesn't come away (after being sucked in for hours) from Pinterest feeling some type of mojo. I love looking for the colorful items.

6. Paper Crafts Magazine. Love this magazine! Always, always, always look through these. Even my old issues. I've got about five of those magazine racks filled and there's more coming. My super old ones I give away. :)

7. Lily Bee Design blog. It's not just cards that get posted but this is my favorite manufacturer. The patterns are so perfect for card making!

8. Two Peas Gallery. If it's not a manufacturer or retail design team, it's the Peas. When it comes down to it, the card gallery always has something amazing in it!

9. The Color Room. While it's a site dedicated to layouts, I still like to go for new and inspiring color combinations. This is a great fall back when nothing else is working. Sometimes I just need to see a visual of color to get a kick in the booty!

10. Sideoats & Scribbles has put up tutorials on taking photos of your cards. This inspires me to create and try all the tips now. It's a unique mode of inspiration but doesn't inspiration come from all kinds of avenues?

To see some more 10 Things on the Tenth click here. Have fun!