Have you ever...

played the game "have you ever"? You know. It's the one when someone asks a question like "have you ever been sky diving?" And then whoever has actually been gets to go next and ask the "have you ever" question. It can be fun and embarrassing at the same time. When I played it in high school, of course, we were all trying to out-do each other - sometimes stretching the truth a bit. And then as you get older (college age) it's an "ice breaker" type game to fill in time. We are much more mature... of course... *ahem* 

The game popped into my head because I was going to post an intro that said something like "have you ever had a DUH moment?" Then, my crazy mind got side tracked. It always does.

So... have you? Ever had a DUH moment? Did you answer with "Duh Melissa!" K.. got it. You have! Good! I'm in wonderful company then because I had a few of those over the past few days. Here they are in a list:

- I need a Vacation. (DUH)
- I should be thankful for the opportunities presented in front of me instead of being a silly goose head and getting all mopey because I can't be or even TRY to be everything to everyTHING and everyONE. (BIG HUMONGOUS DUH.)

Yep. I had a profound and much needed DUH spank-me-in-the-hiney moment. We all go through them. We all need to go through them in order to grow. (ooooh... future layout idea???) And while they can be a tad on the humiliating side to go through they don't have to be negative. It's okay to be "humbalized" in a positive way. It's healthy to be humble.

So just thought I'd share that without much detail but I know so many of you who come to read my blog are on similar journeys. You put your heart and soul into what you do (in craft and in life) and when the product of what you have accomplished doesn't meet the expectations you wanted it to receive then you get a little down.  I empathize with you. I send you a virtual knowing nod of the head, fist bump, hug and raise my martini glass to you.

I've got a couple of cards to share with you today too. Yay!

Supplies: Paper, Journal Spot, Butterfly Sticker: Little Yellow Bicycle, Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Stamp: Hero Arts, Border Punch: Fiskars, Other: Button, Raffia

I'm not typically a monochromatic card maker or scrapper but a recent pub call had asked for BLUE cards. I admit, it was fun to challenge myself in this approach. I love the way the blue plays with the kraft background. so pretty and soothing. And the soft patterns of the Twig collection by LYB is blue perfection. 

Supplies: Paper: Lily Bee Design, Flowers: Prima Marketing, Brads: JoAnn, Border Punch: Fiskars, Stamps: Hero Arts

My favorite manufacturer makes pretty blues too. Absolutely love the patterns from this collection. Sad news is I'm slowly running out. Augh! Guess it's time for another order soon. :)

Are you a monochromatic paper crafter? Does it scare you? What's your favorite color to use?

If you were a blog hopper during SFTIO's Anniversary hop don't worry... I haven't forgotten to draw a winner for the Blog Redesign! It's in the works. I have to go through the comments and draw the winner. It will be announced tomorrow so do come back! Plus, I've got another digital kit reveal. Yay!

Thanks so much for swinging by and I hope your weekend is a good one.