I am Special

That is a mantra for me. If I don't say it, I won't believe it. And even when I say it, it takes about ten times before it really starts to sink in that I really am special. Uniquely created and designed to do things on this earth.It's a scary thought but also one that makes me hold my head up a bit higher. There's no one else like me and I need to dare myself to dream of all the possibilities this life holds for me.

I loved visiting this piece of my life while exploring the Independence kit from SFTIO. It's our July kit! And it's the end of July! What happened? I feel so far behind but here I am... still with lots to share with you.

I love those transcparencies from Hambly but they always intimidate me. They are just outside my comfort zone but they sure do add the perfect texture with layering don't they?

Now onto another piece of my independence. Being single. I love the freedom of doing what I want to, when I want to. No one to ask. No need to find a baby sitter. There is a lot of opportunity to go out into the world and experience life. While I appreciate this freedom and try not to take it for granted, there is still that longing inside of me for a significant other. A helpmate. A man to fix my car or lift the heavy box. Someone to always travel with. Someday it will happen and in the mean time, I'm relishing in my independence when it comes to my marital status. :)

I used a lot of the softer elements from this kit for this layout because I wanted to be gentle on myself. It's hard to be single when the majority of the people in my life are married with children. So instead of creating an a layout about being bitter (already worked through that! LOL), I wanted to approach it with gentleness and softness to say, "yes I'm single and it's okay to long for a man but ENJOY where you are at!"

And please... do not tell me "it's okay Melissa... your time will come." or any of those "reassuring" type comments in response to this part of my life, I will immediately ignore you. This is not a plea for reassurance because I am quite confidant about this place I'm in and if anyone tries to hook me up because they feel sorry for me... don't. Just because someone is single doesn't mean their life is not complete. :)

Okay off that soap box.

Thanks for swinging by! And seriously... I can't believe it's the last day of July! What the heck???