Little Miss Independent

That was me.

Whenever I see photos of myself as a child, many memories run through my brain but the one phrase I hear the most is, "I can do it myself!" Isn't that pretty typical for kids, though? By about age 3 they are walking, running, going potty and suddenly they feel like they can conquer the world and do it all! It's charming and challenging for us adults. While I don't have kids of my own, I work with children five days a week and 8 hours a day. So I see it. Experience it. Giggle. Shake my head and recall my younger years as well.

I remember being on the shy side but inside was always an independent girl ready for someone to shove me off my branch so I could fly. Scary as it may be, at age 3, I was ready to conquer the world.

These photos of me have been stuck in a drawer for sometime now. They had been cut like they are in the layout which made it challenging to think of ways to put it on a layout. Of course, they are the originals so no copies could be made. I think my mom was being creative and had them on some big frame thing. But that frame is long gone and now I have all these photos to think about how to make them work. The movement of them actually works great with the circles from the Basic Grey stickers.

I'm glad that they could work and don't stick out like a sore thumb. At least I don't think so! ;)

All materials used for this layout are from the July kit - Independence - at SFTIO. Check out that yummy orange rosette. I want a duvet cover made out of that stuff. Sure it might look a little gaudy but all I can think about is wrapping myself up in that stuff! Actually, that would be quite a pain to have to wash so maybe I don't want them on a duvet cover.  Maybe a scarf?

So were you an independent, do it all by yourself kind of child? Were you pretty subdued and well behaved or did you let the world know every single emotion you were going through? Hehe...

Hey come back tomorrow because I have a fabulous giveaway! We're celebrating at Sketch Support and I've been waiting until the last minute to give you an opportunity to win something. Now is the time. So tomorrow... be back. or. be. somewhere else.