Ten Things on the Tenth

10th of the month surprised me and I am not prepared for a good list.

9th of this month signified 5 more working days until my vacation.

8th of this month I colored my hair. It's now a reddish brown!

7th of this month was spent with my best friend brewing some fantastic coffee.

6th of this month I got to see Holly who has been in Germany forever and a day.

5th of this month was a blur.

4th of this month I to to celebrate my countries birthday in Small Town USA. Complete with parade, street fair and car show.

3rd of this month I realized how thankful I indeed was to have a three day weekend. It's just nice to know you have one more day to sleep in!

2nd of this month I geared up for an amazing weekend singing at church.

1st of this month I was extremely excited I was entering into the month my vacation would soon begin.

Hmmm... so as much as this '10 Things' snuck up on me, I have to admit it was great to revisit each of those days. Easy to do when you are only 10 days into the month. Happy July all!

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P.S. Please pardon the dust around here, if any. I just purchased my own domain and it will take a day or two for blogger to transition. Pretty sure I lost some of my links but I'll update as soon as the move is finished.