Winner and a New Kit!

Good Morning!

Today marks my official final countdown to vacation and CHA. To say I'm excited is an understatement. While CHA isn't, technically speaking, vacation - it is still a wonderful break from the daily grind here. And I get to be around beautiful product and wonderful people that speak my language. :)  Plus, Chicago is my favorite city and I can't wait to be amongst its heartbeat again.

I promised you all the reveal of my second digital kit AND the winner of the blog redesign from the SFTIO blog hop. My apologies for being a day late. First, my second kit is full of soft colors and patterns. Luscious flowers and pretty bling to help you get into that daydream state of mind. I have to say I do love this kit and have already created a digital layout. WHAT? I'm not a digital scrapper! Alas, this hybrid girl had her hand with a digi layout that I'll share with you later this week. In the meantime, may I introduce you to do Daydream:

I'm working on my third kit and that will complete my inaugural digital scrapbook shop. Which, by the way, will officially be open this weekend! I was trying to decide on the type of "shopping cart" I wanted to use and also where to host my files. But it's all figured out. Gotta make it easy for you. :)

Now onto the blog redesign winner...

Amanda Johnson

Yahoo! Amanda will you please head on over here and fill out the form so we can get started?

And for the rest of you, if you are wondering about redesigning your blog and kind of curious about what it might cost or perhaps just want to see about tweaking a few things, that form is available for you. There is no commitment with the free consultation and any quote I give to you will be good for life. Any discounts in the future will also apply to you. I'd love to "meet" you and help you with your blog needs. The Waiting List is OPEN! :)

Alright all... here we go... one more week. one more week. (It's always worse when you have one more week.)