Beauty on the Inside

Gosh I have been in such a funk lately. The dramatic side of me wants to collapse on the ground, back of hand to forehead and cry out that my world is falling apart. (Don't worry... it isn't.) The common sense side of me is standing tall and appreciating the opportunities given to me and the blessings I have right now. It's reminding me to be thankful and content. That's really hard to continue to accept. Especially with a personality like mine!

Anyway, I want to share with you a layout focused on another area of my life that I never seem to accept. You know the phrase "beauty on the inside"? Basically saying that true beauty lies within and what you see on the outside isn't the end all be all. Our media doesn't do anything to support that thought and so it's understandable why I might have a hard time accepting that. I am thankful for my faith and that I know where or WHO my identity lies. I'm a daughter of the King and His precious child. I know I am loved and God has a plan for me. Sometimes I wish that plan came with a map showing me the details but that's not exactly how it works.

So I'll just continue to work on knowing that true beauty is on the inside and I'll continue to chisel away at my self-doubt and continue to work on not comparing myself to others. Oh man. Those are some lofty expectations!

All supplies for this layout are from the August Growth kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. Come explore your inner world with us! We have a great community and our industry exclusive inspiration page has lots of content to help navigate you through inside out layouts. :)

Happy Thursday!