Let Go

So... want to know my brilliant move this morning? I published a blog post with nothing on it. If you happened to come by during those morning minutes and were confused, so sorry. I was confused too. LOL.


Is it Wednesday? Yes. Yes it is. Which means we are at the peak of the week and fun of sliding into the weekend is right around the corner. I am adoring my new job but who doesn't love the weekend? And with World Card Making Day this weekend??? Hello! Can't wait to hunker down, see what's happening online and get to making some cards.

I thought I would also share with you my final layout using the Balance kit at SFTIO. This one is a bit special. As you know, I'm not shy to share my faith. It's the largest, most impacting thing in my life, so how can I not share? It seemed appropriate to journal about how I worship God. I remember long ago, one of our Pastor's used how a child is learning to walk, as an example of how we can worship. He talked about how a child, without any thought, throws there arms up to be caught if they lose their balance or want to be picked up, as they wobble along. So it is with our worship. I loved that picture of when I'm lifting up my hands, I'm trusting fully that the Lord will catch me. Sometimes it's in desperation and sometimes it's in complete content and trust.

This kit was so lovely. I loved the colors and patterns. The symbolism is rich (as always)! Complimentary and balancing colors, beautiful embellishments, the ledger transparency and amazing alpha!

I love mixing my titles and all the different letter stickers from Echo Park and the Thickers make it perfect!

And on another note, I'm so excited to share with you that Christa invited me to be a part of her Journaling article at Write. Click. Scrapbook. This is a great series and I strongly encourage you to go check out her posts this week!

Have a great Wednesday!