Friday, September 2, 2011

For the Record

Everything I do is a balancing act. Work and Free time. Appointments and Creative time. Alone time and time with my friends. I can tell when I'm not doing a good job keeping all of that balanced. My energy level plummets, I get moody and relationships feel strained or distant. While I know I will never have life perfectly balanced, there are things I can do to be better at it.

One are of that is my creative time. I have to have time at my craft table. With that creative time comes another type of balance and that is balancing deadline creating with free time creating. Part of this balance is also allowing myself a fun trip to CHA each year. I've got to be around "my people". It seems, now, when that week to leave arrives, I am so desperate and in need to be around ladies who speak "patterned paper". Plus, there's just something special that happens when you get around others who share the same passion as you do.

It seemed fitting to create a layout about CHA and spending time with my scrapbooking friends for a Balance theme.  That is the topic with Scrapbooking from the Inside Out's September kit. I was so excited to see that Echo Park was part of the kit. I've never seen it up close and I've never had the opportunity to play with it before! That's what happens when you don't have an LSS nearby and refuse to order online because shipping is so expensive!

Check out that cute scale stamp by Maya Road? I love the texture from stamping on the cardstock. Adds a vintage look to it which mixes nice with the colors and patterns.

When you look closely you'll see these cool graph transparencies from Maya Road. Think balancing a checkbook or closing out a register.

So how you do balance your "regular" life and your "creative" life?

- Melissa


Jenny Lilac said...

OMG balancing everything I want in life is incredibly hard. I made a decision this week I hope was the right one - I was looking for a full time job, but found the PERFECT part time one. Now I will have to balance 2 part time jobs in hopes of advancement at the one I'm really excited about. It may be a struggle to make time for all the relationships I want to nurture, plus the creative time I need to feel fufilled. Fingers crossed - we can only do our best!

Pamela said...

Love this! :)

Brenda said...

great layout!

Mary Jo said...

Love your "balance" layout! I agree that it is hard to balance it all. But I really do try to fit in a little bit of create time everyday. Even if it's just for ten minutes :)

Kat said...

Nice layout! I thought that transparency was washi tape at first! it's so cool! TFS (found you at 2peas mb)

Ursula said...

I love that transparency too. And I don't think I can say that my life is balanced. I'm still working on that, but being a very passionate person, I tend to be very on again and then off.

Audrey Pettit said...

What a gorgeous page, Melissa! Love, love that paper line, and love your sunny yellow background. The printed transparency is awesome, and I just adore the scale stamp. How perfect is that for your theme? Just genius!