Mid October Means This

Time for the mad dash to finish up Craft Fair projects! I'm actually feeling pretty good about this year. I've got lots of inventory and would like to have more but I can't believe the first one is only a few weeks away. My weekends to craft away are becoming fewer and fewer!

I was recently asked by a friend what sells good at a Craft Fair. Especially for a paper crafter. I've only been doing this for three years so can only speak to that but I will say every year is different. It's so hard to predict what shoppers will be looking for. By my third year, I had repeat customers who were looking for my little marble magnets and push pins and also my cards. My first year, I had altered a bunch of those composition books. You know, the ones with the black marble like pattern on the cover. They sold like hot cakes. No one was really interested in my cards, though. The following year I added altered Frappuccino jars filled with hot cocoa supplies. Those sold fast. About half my comp books went and people were a little more interested in my cards. This past year, I sold out of the jars again, hardly anyone touched the comp books and my cards flew out the window. So you see. It really just depends year to year. I don't know if it's because my cards got better but does that mean my comp books got worse? Ha! Don't think so but it truly depends on what people are wanting or needing that year.

So this year I'm still doing my comp books.

Here is one not quite finished but gives you an idea of what I do with them:

I sell this for $6 each.

Here is one of the many altered frap jars for this year. I'm going to have more than ever!

I use mod podge to adhere the paper around the jar. I fill it up with cocoa powder, a little baggy of marshmallows and I have a jar of mini candy canes sitting out for people to take a few. I usually sell these for about $3 - $5 after I get a feel for the clientele. You can usually tell what people are spending within the first hour.

And I'm adding something new this year. I got the idea from the fabulous Tracy at Helmar. I found some white boxes at Michael's. Super cheap and lots of fun to alter. I only bought three so I can see what folks think. Each one I've decorated differently. Here is one...

Not quite sure of the price I'll ask for yet. Thinking in the $5 range. Possibly a little more but we'll see.

I've got my usually selection of cards, some canvas projects and altered frame projects and my marble magnet and push pins. I might throw in some gift tags again too. Those always seem to fly out the window and it's a great way to get rid of stash and make a little money. :)

Do you do craft fairs? What have you learned over the years? Or year? ;)