Missed Goals

The other day I decided to finally tackle a bookshelf that has become a dump since my last move. Within the piles of papers and books I came across a book I received when I was a senior in high school. It was one of those journal type books where I recorded my name, when and where I graduated, friends I had, etc. One section had me list where I saw myself 5 years down the road, 10 years and then 15 years. I had to laugh - quite hysterically - at what I saw. Then I cried. Because I realized that I hadn't reached any of those goals or ideals. Then I got depressed. But then contemplated on the path I chose and where I am at and realized how blessed I am. Sure I'm not an Interior Designer for the stars. I'm not married. I don't have four kids. Not a stay at home mom. Didn't get a Bachelors degree. Lots of things I haven't done.

I allowed myself to wallow a bit. It's healthy to have a good wallow. It's not always the most comfortable place to be but if I don't allow myself to go there, then it just gets worse. So after my wallow, I went back to feeling completely at peace and, contrary to the title of my layout below, I'm not calling the "Missed" Goals anymore. They are just goals yet to attain. Right?

 All (except the flowers and jute) are from the October Achievement kit at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

I found these flowers in my stash and they went with the color scheme of this month's kit so well. I always have to have a flower of some sort on my layouts.

So I haven't met any of these goals when I wanted to. Doesn't mean I never will!

How about you? What goals are you still striving for?